Participating Libraries

Atlanta History Center

The Kenan Research Center, at the Atlanta History Center, is both a public archive and a research facility.  The library provides an insight into the history of Atlanta and the culture of the American South through collections of both primary and secondary resource material.  The Research Center is dedicated to James G. Kenan who is remembered for his lifelong philanthropic support of historical scholarship and literature.


The Newberry Library, Chicago

The Newberry library opened in September 1887, following the endowment of a large sum of money in the will of businessman Walter L Newberry, for the purposes of creating a free, public library in Chicago.  Today the independent research library remains open to the public at no charge and encompasses printed material from the last six centuries covering both Europe and the Americas; with a particular focus on the humanities.


University of Illinois at Chicago

The University Library (UIC), a public research facility, was formed in 1982 following the consolidation of two campuses of the University of Illinois in Chicago.  The library boasts an extensive collection of rare books, manuscripts and photographs with a particular, but not exclusive, focus on the city of Chicago and it’s social, political and cultural history.


Southern Historical Collection, Wilson Special Collections Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

The Southern Historical Collection, housed at the Wilson Library of the University of Carolina Chapel Hill campus, incorporates an extensive range of some 15 million primary resources.  These range from correspondence and journals to oral histories, albums and scrapbooks, depicting the history of the American South since the late eighteenth century.  Manuscript items now included in the Collection were first gathered by the North Carolina Historical Society in 1844, until it’s disbandment in the early twentieth century. These items were eventually incorporated by the University into the Southern Historical Collection on the 14th January 1930.

5th of July Resource Center for Self-Determination & Freedom, Weeksville Heritage Center

The 5th of July Resource Center for Self-Determination & Freedom makes available the collections, archives and oral histories held at the Weeksville Heritage Center in Brooklyn to members of the public, teachers, researchers and students.  The material covers the histories of African American, Caribbean and African people throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.  The Weeksville Heritage Center and museum, including the Historic Hunterfly Road Houses that have been granted landmark status, provide an insight into the independent African American community who settled in this part of New York City.